Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Keebler Fudge Stick

I love going to the mailbox and finding a fabulous free sample, especially when it's CHOCOLATE!  Here are a few of the words translated to help you get this free Keebler Giant Fudge Stick.

Apellido -last name;
Dirección -address;
Ciudad -City;
Estado -state;
Codigo Postal -Zip Code

Monday, November 7, 2011

New GTG points

Here are a few Gifts to Grow points for you.  What are you hoping to redeem your points for?

FAC1011PR46DYHD (10 pts) expired

2beginearning10 (10 pts)

Cleaning, X-Rays, and Exam at the dentist $29!!!

We're getting this groupon, for sure!  We don't have dental coverage and a cleaning, x-ray, and exam can easily run $250 so this is a steal not to be missed.  Snatch it up.  If you need some tips about how to make the most of Groupon, head here.

Carefree Sample

Get a free sample of Carefree bodyshape liners here.

Granola Bar Freebie

Vote for your favorite flavor, enter a sweepstakes, and get a free sample of Nature's Path Granola Bars here.

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