Friday, July 30, 2010

Wal-Mart Freebies THIS weekend

Several Wal-Mart Stores around the country are giving out freebies this Saturday and Sunday.  You'll have to put in your zip code to find one near you.

Purina One
closest to NJ:
Seacaucus, NJ
Failess Hills, PA
Pretty much all of the Nashville area (Smyrna, gallatin, Murfreesboro, etc) and Lexington, KY Wal-Mart stores included

Dean Foods Swiss Tea and Fruit
none in NJ
Most Nashville area and Lexington area (Georgetown, Nicholasville, Winchester, etc) 

Coty Beyonce Heat Fragrance
none in NJ
only at the New Circle Wal-Mart in Lex, and at Leonardwood Dr. in Frankfort
only in Clarksville, sorry NashVegas

Sun Crystals Keeblers and Tarts (yummy strawberry tarts!)
None in NJ (what is up with Jersey Wal-Marts?)
Only certain days, around the area (Franklin, Murfreesboro, etc), but not in Nashville
Only on certain days in the surrounding areas, but not in Lexington


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