Tuesday, September 14, 2010

$20 for 4 movie tickets

Since we've been living on a budget, the hubs and I rarely go out to a movie since it's about $30 for two tickets, popcorn, and a drink.  I'd say once or twice a year has been our average.  That's why I'm pumped about this deal through Living Social.

Living social is just like groupon, where you can purchase things for half off or more of the regular purchase price for one day only.  Once you sign up, scroll down through the cities to Jacksonville to get this sweet deal for $20 for 4 movies tickets.  You do not have to be in Jacksonville for this to work since tickets are purchased through a website for movie theaters nationwide.  Make sure you have a movie theater near you that is connected with Fandango.com, which is where you will purchase the tickets from.  Enjoy!

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