Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Legs Hot Deal

I think baby legs are one of the cutest things for babies, so I've just got to pass on this great deal to you. 

Start at Mr. Rebates and sign up if you haven't already.  Search for babylegs and you'll receive a 12% rebate - a really great percentage for a rebate site.

Then click on the SALE tab at and look for the bundles of 3 baby legs.  Those are going to be your best deal.  When you check out, use the coupon code KING5 to get 50% off, which will make each pair of babylegs only $2.50 EACH!  These usually retail for $12-$14 a piece, so you're getting them at about 20% of the regular cost.  The KING5 code will work for any sale items and also has FREE SHIPPING!!!

Why I love babylegs:
Cute, cute, and cute.
Great with onesies because they make diaper changing a breeze. 
Give the look of leggings under tops and dresses on little ones, but, again, diaper changes are easier.
Great for when babies are learning to crawl to keep knees from getting raw!
Helps keep socks on the itty bitty babies.
Good for another layer under pants on really cold days.


  1. This is actually Sarah Patel.. i was logged in under Krishant...I don't know if this sale is still avaliable but i also have a tutorial for making your own out of sock which runs about $2-4 per pair.

  2. My mom whipped out some cute ones made from socks when Molly was little and I'm looking forward to using them for Baby #2.


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