Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Groupon Tips

You might be wondering why you would ever use Groupon if you don't live in any of the cities or areas shown on their website.  So here are a few tips for taking advantage of the benefits of Groupon no matter where you live.

1.  Once you've decided where you'll be vacationing (or traveling to for business), start checking Groupons for that city or area every day.  You never know when just the right groupon will pop up for you!

2.  Give Groupons as a gift!  You can buy a particular Groupon or a Groupon gift card for a friend in the city.  This can make a great housewarming gift for a friend that's moved to a larger city or a college student starting out in a new place.

3.  Some Groupons are for nation-wide chains.  Just recently, GAP had a $25 Groupon available that got you $50 in merchandise.  Watch for those!  If I catch wind of a Groupon like that, I'll be posting it on The Frugalista Find and my Facebook Page.


  1. Liz- would this groupon work for anyone or just the Raleigh area?

  2. I think groupons for nation-wide retailers and websites like Shutterfly should work for anyone.


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