Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Shipping, no minimum

I don't usually post about particular items that are not on sale, but I just have to brag about this Stainless-Steel Vacuum Bottle from L.L. Bean.  AND, I'll tell you how it saves us money.  L.L. Bean has a no minimum purchase, free shipping special special going on right now.  Plus, if you spend $50, you get a $10 gift card.

We received this as a gift, and it's been one of the most useful gifts ever.  It will keep coffee piping hot ALL DAY LONG.  If you're careful to get your coffee in your cup and seal it back up quickly, you'll enjoy a hot cup of coffee for as long as you've got some in your thermos.  We've even poured a cup more than 24 hours after we put the coffee in the thermos and it's been nice and warm.

How it saves us money:

When we travel long distances - which is several times a year since most of my family lives about 1000 or more miles away - we fill this vacuum bottle up with piping hot coffee right before we walk out the door for our road trip.  Along with a bag full of yummy granola bars and other snacks we purchased at the local dollar store, our awesome coffee thermos helps us stave off the temptation to spend $10 on junky snacks and sugary coffee drinks every time we stop to refuel.  And when one of us starts to get a little sleepy later at night, we crank up the music and - you guessed it - pour a hot cup of coffee.

So if you have a tea/coffee/hot chocolate lover on your gift list, this could be a wonderful gift for them.  The lid doubles as a cup, and it would be great for someone who works outside, road trips, has a long commute, or is confined to a desk (or classroom) all day and doesn't have access to free hot drinks.

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