Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where the Savings Magic Happens

One thing I've learned from several sources, is that a FREE way to enhance your life is to keep things clean and organized.  This is especially true of your work space because a clean and organized work space will help you be more focused and constructive.  So, I thought I'd share one of my workspaces with you and the before and afters of the process.

This is where I coupon and blog.

It gets worse.

After spending quite a lot of time sorting, trashing, and putting it all back together (in between all of the day's regular activities), here is the result:

Ahhhhhh, much better.

My other workspaces are my kitchen and my sewing area.  Since my sewing machine is currently out of commission, that area is pretty neat and tidy.  My kitchen, however, has a pantry that is begging for attention. Maybe that will be the next project I post.  

Share your before and afters!  E-mail me at frugalistafind @ gmail with photos and description and I'll make a guest post from it!

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