Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Freebies

To celebrate Earth Day, several places are offering freebies and discounts.  Fee free to leave a comment if you've heard of one I haven't listed here.

Starbucks- Bring in a reusable cup and get free coffee or tea on the 22nd.

Caribou Coffee -  Bring in a reusable cup and get free coffee on the 22nd.  And Caribou Coffee gives you an incentive to go green year-round: If you bring your reusable drinkware, you’ll get $0.50 off any drink, any time, thanks to the Sustainability Perk.

Glass Straws -Write a letter to up to 5 of your favorite restaurants asking them to consider using glass straws and get some free straws of your own.  Click on the link for details.

Lowe's - Giving away 1 million trees for Earth Day, and this is happening on the 23rd.  Be sure to go early to get yours!

Origins - Bring in your empty cosmetics jars, tubes, etc to be recycled to a local Origins store and get some free samples.

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