Monday, May 9, 2011

Recycling: Very Frugalista

What do you recycle?  I'm not talking about your everyday recycling where you're sure to put your paper, plastics, and metals in your handy dandy recycling bins.  That's awesome, though!

I'm talking about the things that one wouldn't consider trash, like T-shirts, baskets, baby blankets, picture frames, old furniture, etc.  We use old T-shirts for dust cloths and rags, for example.  Do you have any crafty, frugalista ideas for reusing items in your household?  Share with us!

I initially thought about writing a post about recycling flannel receiving blankets.  I have A LOT I've been sorting through and washing while getting ready for Baby #2 (who is coming any day now).  I'd really like to find a great way to reuse them, but haven't found anything exciting on the interwebs.  Maybe you have just the idea. :o)

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