Friday, July 22, 2011

Is It Worth It?

I've decided to start a new series called "Is It Worth It" where I'll explore a money saving idea to find out if it's worth the energy/time/investment, etc.  I'll track how much time it takes, how much money you have to invest up front, and how much energy it takes to get the savings.  I'll compare that to the quality of the resulting product, because, as we know, just because you get a good deal on something doesn't mean it's quality.  Sometimes more effort or investment returns a much better product. 

My current project is making my own reduced-sugar strawberry jam.  So far I've invested about $7 for jars and $5 for strawberries.  If you have strawberries in your garden, that's another savings, though you would need to consider the initial investment for the strawberry plants and the time you've spent weeding and watering.  I'll report back when the jam has been finished and taste-tested!


  1. Great idea! Most money-saving ideas don't work for me because they end up taking so much time and energy that I could have put into working. For example, I know people save a bunch with a yogurt maker, but I just can't imagine adding making yogurt and cleaning one more thing to my to-do list!

  2. I recently started canning and love it. I don't think I am saving money yet, the first year were a lot of start up costs, the canner, the jars, ingredients, and a canning book. I think I will see savings in subsequent years. I have started gardening also, last year was pitiful, but this year I have plenty to can. I am keeping a journal to remember changes I need to make for next year. I am basically canning because the quality of freshly canned is better and I enjoy making food.


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