Sunday, August 1, 2010

Target clearance

A slow day on Frugalista Find!  We were gone all day, but I did stop at 2 Target stores to check out their clearance stuff.  Target-Bridgewater and Target-Milltown both have toys marked down to 30%-75% off, and both stores are picked over.  However, both stores also have a lot of kids clothes on clearance and I got Little One 2 pairs of shorts for $1 each for next summer. Both of these stores had kids clothes marked 30%, 50%, and 75% off.

I will list some of the items that were 75% off in the toy section tomorrow.  I took notes on the hubs' phone, but I'll have to pry it out of his hands to put the notes on here!

Each Target can do things a little differently, so the Target near you may or may not have clearance going on yet.  Call ahead and ask!

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