Sunday, August 1, 2010

Frugalista Finds @ Target

As promised, here is a list of the toys that I found on clearance at Target and their original and adjusted prices, in that order.  Most of these items were at both the Milltown and Bridgewater, NJ Targets.

Circo basket of plastic play food: was $4.99, now $1.24 (only at Bridgewater)
Baby in my pocket set of 3 babies: was 4.64, now 1.16
Circo play vacuum: was 19.99, now 4.98
Little Mommy baby doll: was 19.99, now 4.98 (only at Bridgewater)
some V smile: was 19.99, now 4.98
some V tech: was 9.99, now 2.48
*Both stores were fairly picked over.  I did not list items that were only 30% off, but there were a few of those.

Toddler Girls' Circo shorts: were 4.00, now 1.00
Toddler Girls' Cherokee shorts: were 6.00, now 1.50
*There were quite a few items in this price range, including boys shorts and shirts at both stores.  Milltown even had a display at the front of the toddler section with just boys' clearance items.

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