Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Something "New"

I know sometimes Frugalistas get the itch to have something "new."  Instead of buying something, head to the library and borrow a book, CD, or DVD you've never enjoyed before.  Or head to your bookshelf and see if you have any books you've never read.  I did that this morning and found a John Piper book I've never opened! 

A friend looking for some DVDs to borrow for her toddler gave me an idea to have a DVD swap playdate.  Label your DVDs, ask everyone to bring 3, and swap away!  We've done this with toys as well!  I guess this would be the toddler version of a clothes swap.

I'm sure you've heard of a clothing swap, but just in case:  Host a party with friends that are very near to your clothing size.  Have everyone bring something casual and something dressy (or make up your own criteria) that is in great to excellent used condition.  Use a game (or the order in which guests arrive) to determine the order in which everyone gets to choose their items to take home.

You don't have to open your wallet to enjoy something "new to you", except maybe to get out your library card.  What ideas do you have for enjoying something "new to you" for free?

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