Thursday, August 19, 2010

Groupon Frugalista Find today!

After waiting most of the day for Groupon to get it together and get their site ready for so much traffic, there is now a great Groupon deal available!  Get a $50 store card for the GAP for only $25!  This can be used on any merchandise, including sale and clearance. 

If you've never used groupon before, let me explain.  Groupon posts a deal each day usually for a certain city, say NYC, for example.  They might post a $100 gift certificate that can be purchased for $30 for a nice salon or restaurant.  If enough people buy the deal of the day, it goes "live" or becomes available.  If they don't meet the minimum number of purchases, then the deal does not go through and you get your money back.  It's great if you're a resident of a city, but also if you're just planning to go for a visit!  Not ALL groupons are city-exclusive, though, like the one offered today for the GAP!  Click on the "How Groupon Works" link at the top of their page to learn more.

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