Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What to Wear?

If there's no roommate around to help you out, or if your roommate would be little to no help (my hubs, for example) you can ask the fashion experts at www.whattowear.com.  Having trouble pairing something with your new jeggings?  Want to know if your strappy platform shoes from 2002 are still fashionable?  Ask these style experts and get an answer fast- approximately 9 minutes.

How is this a Frugalista Find, you might ask?  Before you go shopping for a new dress or outfit, shop in your closet first!  Ask the What to Wear experts what goes best with what using items you already own.  Example question:  I have new wedge-heeled subtly metallic gladiator style shoes and old black plain ballerina flats.  Which looks better with black leggings for a petite person?

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